Initiated in 2019 by 12 founding members from research and industry, the European Factory Foundation is a non-profit organisation. As a legally independent body it provides shared resources to help maintain, manage and grow the EFPF digital platform and federated ecosystem. Its activities focus on the development and nurturing of EFF community and empowering the association members as well as its customers and partners with relevant tools, service and also business opportunities.

EFF Members 2023

Membership is open to all, organisations of different types and also individuals can join the European Factory Foundation.


Goals and Objectives

The main objective of EFF is to support the creation of an ecosystem of different stakeholders in the digital manufacturing domain. EFF achieves this objective by federating the existing platforms, tools and services to enable the interconnections and interactions not only between technology offerings but also between different associated stakeholders and user communities.

What EFF can do for You

The EFF ecosystem allows users to access and utilise a wide range of solutions from ecosystem partners. This includes Industry4.0 solutions such as shop-floor connectivity, production monitoring and data analytics, to more advance solutions such as agile collaboration between supply chain partners and blockchain based smart-contracting. The European Factory Foundation offerings can easily be tuned to user needs and are backed-up by support from relevant ecosystem partners.

Our Approach

We work with our members, customers and partners to transform systems and processes, particularly addressing the challenges concerning digitalisation through the use of innovative and interoperable ICT solutions. By bringing together and offering from different platforms, tools and services in an interoperable approach, the EFF ecosystem enables users to access and utilise a wide range of digital solutions that address most commonly faced digital manufacturing scenarios.

Our Capabilities

The European Factory Foundation brings together the strengths of research and industry in one open federation model. The wealth of experience in EFF allows each scenario to be investigated through multiple perspectives – augmenting research findings with proven industrial solutions. The EFF ecosystem offerings are made easily accessible to the users so that European companies can take advantage of smart manufacturing solutions and gain competitive edge.

Meet the Team

EFF CEO Gash BhullarEFF CFO Dieter Meinhard

Gash Bhullar – C2K – Management of the overall operations and resources, acting as the main point of communication and corporate operations.

Dieter Meinhard – BRM – Management of the financial planning, financial risks, record-keeping, administrative processes and financial reporting.